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Maliki Cottrell is an accomplished Real Estate Agent. He specializes in selling houses, buying houses and locating investment properties. He loves to work with First-time home buyers as well as experience investors and home owners . He can also help with avoiding foreclosure. Contact Maliki to purchase your next Investment Property, Co-Op, Condominium, Rental Apartment or Commercial space. Maliki has unique knowledge of the New York State, N.Y.C. and Westchester market. Contact him if you’re looking to buy, sell, rent, or avoid foreclosure.

While other real estate agents charge up to 10%, we charge an average of 5%-6%.

Selling Property

Thinking of selling your property? Great! We can assist you with the entire process.
Don’t Make the same mistake as many others have made by trying to sell your
home on your own. Selling a home is a full-time job that requires unique
knowledge, special skills and expertise, luckily Maliki has the knowledge, skills and
expertise to get the job done! Schedule a free listing appointment now

Would you like to know the current value of your property?
Perfect! You’re in the right place. We would love to stop by your property and give
you a broker’s appraisal. Simply click the link below to schedule your free brokers

Business Consultations

Are you looking to start a business or take your business to the next level? If so you’re in the right place. Simply schedule an appointment by clicking the link below.
How does it work?
Consultations are scheduled by the hour. Please arrive 15-20 mins earlier then our scheduled appointment time, so we can start on time.
We will begin by going over your business and what it consists of, your schedule and a little background information.

We will discuss your goals business and personal.
We will discuss the problems & challenges your business is facing.
We will write a list of all problems & challenges.
We will then prioritize the list then start to go over what action can be taken to get you closer to your goals
We will map out a strategy and make a clear road map to achieving your business goal.


Landlords & Property Managers: Do you have an apartment, land, or commercial space that you would like to rent? If so, we can assist you with that. Our team has list of hundreds of pre-screened rental clients who are ready to rent your space. Call or email us to begin the process of getting your space rented. Renters & Tenants– Are you looking to rent an apartment or commercial space? If so, we can assist you. We have hundreds of apartments that are available now for immediate move in. These apartments range from low-income housing units to luxury high-rise apartments. We have units to fit all budgets. Give us a call today or email us to find out more about what we have available

Mortgage Pre-Qualification

Mortgage Pre-Qualification is the initial step in the house-hunting process, a mortgage pre-qualification means a borrower will probably be approved for a home loan up to a specific amount. There is neither a commitment to lend nor a guaranteed amount.
Why would I want a mortgage pre-qualification?
Pre-qualification is not required, but it is a good starting point for home buyers who are unsure if they can qualify for a mortgage loan. In addition to giving borrowers an idea of how much they can afford, a pre-qualification—provided by the lender—also serves as a snapshot of a borrower’s credit worthiness. If a borrower is satisfied with the assessment, they can then take the next step: applying for pre-approval.

Buying Property

Are you ready to buy the home of your dreams? An investment property? Land? Or a commercial space for your business? If so you’re on the right website. We at MalikisellsNY, Have over twenty years of combined experience in not only real estate but specifically the home buying aspect of real estate. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Our GOAL is to assist you with accomplishing your goal. Schedule a free property buying appointment now, to
begin the process of buying property. During this appointment we will ask a series
of questions to figure out your wants and needs, then we will work together to
draft a unique and tailored plan to help you attain your wants and needs. This will
not only give you a visual road map of what it will take to accomplish your goals,
but it will also give you an approximate time-line of how long it will take to
complete our mission of getting the property of your dreams. Schedule your free
appointment today.
Investors & Investment properties : Are you an investor? Or are you looking to purchase an investment property? If so,
search no more our investment department will guide you through the entire
process step by step. Schedule a one on one investing appointment, today to begin
the process of making your next great investment. Purchase Confidently.

unbeatable deals

We thrive to achieve excellent results and to provide services that matter to you most. While other real estate brokerages charge up to 10%, our prices are on average 5% – 6% .

Your Home Will Be In Good Hands !